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€68,386.92€19,746.81 (29%)USDT 
€23,192.06€6,707.12 (29%)USDT 
€22,748.60€6,590.47 (29%)USDT 
€41,169.48€11,955.66 (29%)USDT 
€43,389.22€12,783.54 (29%)USDT 
€37,679.60€11,323.49 (30%)BTC 
€22,975.04€6,936.43 (30%)USDT 
€135,428.54€41,042.39 (30%)BTC USDT 
€34,711.81€10,542.52 (30%)USDT USDC
€150,000.00€45,575.87 (30%)BTC 


Welcome on the way to enjoy potentially significant returns in a new decentralized economy, called DECENOMY. For current investors that decide to stick to our new strategy and for new investors that buy out one of the available shares of sellers.

Below you will find some more detailed descriptions.

While we tried to deliver very ethical marketing, having an in-depth risk disclaimer, still many people did over participate and not derisk their assets properly. Those did enter with money that they need for their daily lives, overcommitted and are now in a very unpleasant situation. Due to market circumstances, we needed to pause withdrawals and hibernate the project to save everyone. Those steps happened very suddenly and many found themself in an uncomfortable reality.

We could have given up, but for us, that was never a real option. We choose to thrive forward with all power. We defenitely do understand the ethical and moral obligations we have. Now, we do our best to present a way that is acceptable for all sides.

YieldNodes was a masternoding service with activity across a network of almost 15 specific in-house blockchains. It contained a custom development team, partner exchanges, high-traffic websites and has successfully generated profits. We just celebrated our 3 Years anniversary. The largest coin had at its peak a market capitalization of about 900 Million USD.

Due to a combination of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the bear market, inflationary uncertainty, FUD posts on forums and more, made us wane. A coordinated dump attack on our coins resulted in more off selling. It annihilated a lot of value, bringing us down to one knee with a vicious sucker punch. We held against it and worked frantically but once sentiment shifts in crypto during a bear market, it’s very, if not impossible, to hold against it.

This situation was too brittle to carry our DECENOMY system (Decentralized Economy) in the long run. The value must come from tangible economic assets and the creation of goods and services. In the real world, many issues need fixing and we plan to do just that.

We were strong and sturdy and spread out among our network of DECENOMY coins. Still, a series of unforeseen events made belief collapse. However, the protective layer against FUD and fearmongering were missing, which is a sturdy backing.

Now we new start with the restructuring phase!

Just believe and naive hope will be replaced with real value. Our cryptocurrencies will peg against real economic assets. The economic area, where that will happen is DECENOMY. These mentioned assets will generate returns e.g. produce goods like solar energy or settle hotel bills and much more in a transparent way in form of our dedicated coins.

Until today, we have secured a tentative 1 Billion USD worth of real-world assets, that will shift into DECENOMY. We will work very hard to increase the expected interest and have a beefy launch once DECENOMY stands and is ready to start.

Through the year 2023 we will collect as many as possible new cooperation partner with tokenizable assets which will work in our borderless economy – through our dedicated coins. The growth of the decentralized economic area and increasement of our coins will come naturally as it will be easier and more beneficial to run these businesses within DECENOMY rather than the classic economy. In our ideal vision there is e.g. almost zero to no inflation, lower costs, no to very less bureaucracy and the opportunity to share value and bonuses for ecological thinking, beneficial social behaviour and much more.

Imagine … what will happen to coins that have PROVABLE value vs coins that exist only online with “perceived value”?
Just now there is the best chance to become a part, supporter and investor of the economy of tomorrow – so called DECENOMY.


October 2

Launch Of YieldNodes

Paying 5% to 15% monthly
August 9

August 2022 – October 2022

Depreciation of assets, event X, restructuring!
November 14

Monday, 14. November 2022: Launch of the open Marketplace

Creating the borderless decentralized economy DECENOMY with about 1 Billion assets to appreciate the coin network for the economy of the future. Asset payouts either in BTC, stablecoin, or fiat money will be possible.    
April 25

April 2023

Issuing and distributing the NFT certificates for YieldNoders to be traded and sold freely on the marketplace!
October 15

October – December 2023

Launch of the borderless decentralized economy DECENOMY with about 1 Billion assets to appreciate the coin network for the economy of the future. Asset payouts either in BTC, stablecoin, or fiat money will be possible.
We cannot give any guarantees, nor would we like to speculate too much about, because of its early stage. It can be sky-high. Still, there is also a chance of failure that must be acknowledged!
If you do the math and take everything into consideration, we already have created a flourishing coin ecosystem. We have a team that has been battletested to sail through adversity and not give up. Coin networks that existed for more than three years with custom code that has not been hacked or rug pulled. A severe discount you bought in at, an added 5% quarterly appreciation until launch and an expected 1 Billion USD of tokenizable assets or more, joining in exchanging speculation with actual value … The sky could be the limit.
If you are already a supportive investor of Yieldnodes and want to stay with us, you have to do nothing and stay patiently with us until further information is provided.

If you are convinced of the visionary idea of DECENOMY, all its opportunities and want to become a new supporter, you have to
a) register, do KYC and
b) grab an offer on the peer-to-peer-Marketplace.
c) Optionally you can watch on YouTube “Tutorial & Overview”.

As a buyer you take part of several advantages:

  1. An incredible deal right out of the gate for potential asset multiplication to start a venture already in a better position than anywhere else.
  2. 5% appreciating return added to the balance quarterly, also to put pressure on us to take action and bring the vision to life more speedily.
  3. A dedicated, fast adapting and expirienced team, with over 3 years experience in blockchain, that has something to prove and will put a lot of effort and time into this, because we want to make it work. You can by now call us battle-tested through adversities and we are still persevering.
  4. About 15 active blockchain coins, with custom technology and an own development company in Europe.
  5. High traffic websites to populate the launch of DECENOMY once it is ready.
  6. The regulated exchange Birake and a wide partnered networks to trade our coins.
  7. More than 1 Billion Euro in tokenizable assets that are commited to the project from the start. This number is likely to rise to by every month through the year of 2023.
  8. Supportive to probably over-commited and distressed ex-partner, that has some monetary relief.

If you want to sell shares or your whole account, you can sell at a %-stage of loss (or gain) you are feeling comfortable with – we indeed advise against selling. But it is an individual personal decision of different life situations.

As a seller, you will get: 

  1. An opportunity to exit and sell on your terms.
  2. Money – you overcommitted – back into your pockets.
  3. After 3 Years of staying within the program, a way out early before DECENOMY materializes.

A user is selling his masternoded deposits and gains that are valued at 100.000 Eur with a 25% discount. After you registered and logged into YieldNodes you can find that offer as a “sale” for 75.000 Eur in the members area. If you successfully bought it for the displayed price, you will gain the tentative value of the full 100.000 Eur, which means a gain of 25.000 Eur.
Furthermore you will earn a proposed quarterly 5% on it, until the DECENOMY network launches. YieldNodes will not take any fees from this direct peer-to-peer trade.

Those shares are therefore bought up at their full values without a cut and will be transformed in the next 5-6 months into NFT’s with the corresponding value at that time. Your NFT will be tokenized against the tangible assets with their earnings and goods that flow into it.
This NFT will be a highly technical smart contract also called a certificate. It is not just a picture of a glorified chimpanzee with a few traits.

The DECENOMY coins have a high chance of becoming sought, after the full economy will light up. Your NFT can also gain value through all the real provable transactions.

We can not estimate the upcoming profits right now, as this is an immense process and highly depends on the assets we are able to bring into the system.
However, we are people on a mission with a great vision and something we have to prove. The kind of go-getters you want to be partnered with.

On top of that, your NFT can be traded freely, so you can monetize it anytime – fully decentralized and on your terms.


Overview of the minimum percentage value, which can be set from sellers:

DateMin. claiming percentage
14.11 - 27.11.202210%
28.11 - 11.12.202220%
12.12 - 25.12.202230%
26.12 - 08.01.202340%
09.01 - 22.01.202350%
23.01 - 05.02.202360%
06.02 - 19.02.202370%
20.02 - 05.03.202375%
We are bringing in, not only our own private assets, but also the most powerful tool which is a huge and large community. More than 50.000 strong people stand with and behind us, who support every step plus the time until the launch of DECENOMY!

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Just as a reminder: This is not a traditional startup!

By definition a traditional startup consists of people trying to do something new and can fail out of the gate, declare bankruptcy and try their next best thing. Maybe “moderately” motivated.

For us, everything is on the line. We built something groundbreaking. We were not fast enough to secure it in the vision we had; we moved too slowly, we realized our mistakes, but we learned from them.

We succeeded even if we lost value. We acknowledge our mistakes, but we refuse to throw the towel, pointing at disclaimers and risk agreements and let down our partners. We pulled the brakes and we were ready to get going again. Just now we can build something groundbreaking and revolutionary.

Join us at the Marketplace and bid for a piece of the pie! Remember, this is the only way to join DECENOMY as an passive investor.
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The Team

Urs Visionary
Decenomy Creator

Steve Marketing Manager

Uwe Strategic Investor

Dima SysOp/DevOp